One Cool Looking Dude!

One Cool Looking Dude!

My journey on the dating site has been quite interesting.  If one is keeping score, mine would be 2 out of 5.  Which translates into two of the five men I’ve been in touch with is a winner!  I have no idea if that’s good or not, and I don’t really care.

What’s important to me is that I’ve met two very nice gentlemen… unfortunately one of them wasn’t quite ready to have a relationship (in my opinion) as his partner had passed away only six months previously.  He was still in pain over her death.  My hope is that once the pain lessens, he will find a new partner and be happy with her.  He deserves it because he really was a great guy!  I’m sure most of you can relate to the fact that I am not in shape (emotionally) to help anyone re the death of a spouse, at this time in my life.

Speaking of a “great guy,” I met the second very lovely gentleman about a week ago.  He’s the one I’ve named the Cool Looking Dude!  We had exchanged emails and had phone calls.  Then we met in person.

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Seeing as how my life now seems to be a journey of discovery with many new and exciting experiences, I’m not too surprised at how our first meeting began.  I’ll preface the following with… almost everything that has happened in my life lately, has been one heck of an experience!

His name is PG.  I’ve used initials because I don’t think it’s proper to use his real name.  One needs to protect the innocent. 😊  We had arranged to meet in the parking lot at a very nice restaurant that’s two minutes from my house.

Now, I had spent the morning in a surprisingly relaxed state.  I had written some emails, talked to a friend on the phone, showered and got dressed.  There wasn’t even any dithering around about “What am I going to wear?”  I chose an outfit that I was comfortable in, looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Looking good girl!”

Just before I was ready to head out the door, I went into the bathroom to put on my lipstick.  I happened to look down at the floor and noticed ALL the water!  I thought, “I wonder if the toilet is leaking?”  I wasn’t sure as I’ve never seen or had a leaky toilet!

Not being sure, I didn’t want to bother my landlord.  I then had the thought, “I’ll go and get PG and ask him to look at it.  He’s a man so he’ll know.”  Please remember, I have not been operating with a full deck of cards for the past two+ years.

I jumped into the car, raced to the restaurant and saw PG standing near the restaurant door.  As I ran towards him, he looked a little startled and then slightly confused, when I blurted out the issue about water all over the floor, and I know I used the words “toilet” and “landlord” and then jumped ahead to “please follow me.”  Now the following is an example of a man with character.  He didn’t ask any questions, just said, “I’ll follow you.”

I roared out of the parking lot, and he was right behind me.  Both of us pulled up to the front of the house, just as Michael (my landlord) appeared.  He inquired in a very pleasant voice, “How long do you think you’ll be parked here?  The reason I ask is that I will need to park my car there… soon.”

It was then that I started babbling about the toilet.  Michael just looked at me, and then slowly turned his gaze to PG, with a look that said (very politely) “What is this woman going on about?”  That stopped me in my tracks, and I proceeded to introduce the two men to each other.

Then Michael took over (Thank Heaven!) and said, “Let’s go look at it.”  We then trooped into the house.  After looking at the water laden floor, and the toilet, Michael said, “I’ll call a plumber.”

It was then I realized I hadn’t really been breathing, so I took a big breath and turned to PG and said, “Let’s eat!  May I ride with you please?”  I felt it wasn’t a good idea for me to drive in my tizzy of a state.  I hopped into his car and we drove to the restaurant.

Delrios Restaurant.jpg

Upon entering the restaurant, I saw the same waitress that was there when I was last at the restaurant.  We smiled at each other, said “Hello” and she inquired “Inside or out on the patio?”  Then (still smiling) she looked me square in the eye and asked, “How have you been?”

She remembered me very well because my date that time was the man from the dating site (whose partner had passed away) and the three of us had a lovely, fun conversation.  We even told her that it was our first meeting and how we met on a dating site.

As she’s gathering up the menus for us and we follow her outside to a table, she gives me a thumbs up and whispered, “You go girl!” 


After PG and I sat down and started to peruse the menu, he said, with a large grin on his face, “Come here often, do you?”

It was then that I knew we were going to have a great lunch… which we did! 

P.S.  The plumber was here yesterday, and the toilet is now fixed.  I’ll be seeing PG again, next week. And he really is a cool looking dude, as well as a very interesting and charming gentleman!

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