Tears Can be Diamonds

Tears Can be Diamonds

I’m trying to be brave.  I’m trying to be self-sufficient.  I’m trying to live this new life of mine, with as much joy, love and laughter as I can muster.   Some days I succeed, some days I don’t.

The other day I realized, as I’m about to enter Safeway, that I was crying.  I had been thinking about Alex and remembered a very fond memory of something he had said to me, and how he looked when he said it.  Those of you that knew Alex, might remember he had the most seductive voice, and when he looked at me, my heart really did melt, and I really did feel cherished.  Plus, I thought he was gorgeous! 😊

The incident at Safeway hasn’t been the only one.  The other morning on my walk with Ty, I again felt the tears cascading down my face.  Thank heaven there’s not too many people out and about at 8:00 am!

Teardrop 123rf 58622246_s.jpg

Last night when I went to bed and crawled under the covers, I felt tears trying to burst from my eyes. For some strange reason, I hallucinated that they looked like crystals.

Then I heard what I call my “Outrageous Old Broad” voice, and she’s saying…

“Silly woman!  Those aren’t crystals… they’re diamonds!

Nothing but the best will do for you!”

Diamonds 123rf49174835_s.jpg

Hearing that, made me realize that although it may seem like the end of the world for me on some days, overall, I still have my sense of humour and my spirit. 

However, I don’t always succeed at making myself feel better.  So, when that happens, I do what a lot of woman do (phone a girlfriend)… so, I phoned my friend Tamara.  She can always make me feel better and before I know it, we’re both laughing like two silly teenagers.

Sometimes, like yesterday, we don’t end on a high note.  I seemed to have sunk into a complete pity party and even Tamara couldn’t get me to lighten up. 

So, what did I receive today in an email?  Something that Tamara knew would help me, and she was SO right! 

I hope all of you “out there” have a female friend in your life that is like Tamara.  She is a treasure.

Here’s what she sent me.

Beautiful people like her are naturally elusive.

Her spirit was born free and she had no intentions

of changing.  Her essence was meant to be shared,

and experienced, but on her own terms. 

She refused to allow herself to be possessed and

controlled by outside standards or expectation.

She was comfortable in her skin, and secure in

her own thoughts. Her being attracted attention,

but she desired much more than to be seen;

her appetite was for something bigger than herself.

She was here to teach us that it’s less about what

you say you want, and more about how you treat

what you claim to value.  How honest effort can

earn respect.  To teach us how a spirit of gratitude

can attract success.  She wasn’t perfect, but she

knew her authenticity had the power

to love loneliness away.  Her heart, patience, and

thoughtfulness had a way of freeing all those her smile met.

She only desired to be loved fully, but never controlled,

she wasn’t here to be handled.  And though she was

misunderstood by the fearful, and seen as a bit reckless

by the careful; she still existed, whole and unashamed. 

She was free, alive and full of life in her own world. 

And it was beautiful to see. **

My wish for all of you is that you have a “Tamara” in your life!


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