Online Dating... Part 4 "Rush Hour"

Online Dating... Part 4 "Rush Hour"

Firstly, I would like to say “Thank You” to all who wrote, warning me to BE CAREFULL!  I really appreciate that.  Secondly, a big Thank You to the women that shared their stories with me, about their online experiences with dating websites.  Lots of stories out there!

I’m beginning to think I’m not cut out for online dating websites!  I realize that I’m moaning and whining, which sounds a bit pathetic, even to me.  However, if I don’t “give away” some of my thoughts to all of you, I will start tearing my hair out.  Then no man will want me! :-)  I’m sure there are also men out there that are complaining about the women on these sites!  However, we all seem to soldier on.

I’d like to walk you through the process… Every day they have what they call the “Rush Hour.”  Really!! 

This is when I receive “matches.”  The number varies from 8 to 12, but generally it’s around 8.

Then my Inbox explodes with the “Flirts,” “Like Your Photo,” “Like Your Profile,” and “Views.”  Please know that I’m not bragging here, I’m sure every woman that’s signed up gets a like and similar amount.

Now, sending a Flirt, Like Your Photo, and/or Your Profile does not require the sender (the man) to write anything!

Therefore, all the hard work is up to the female, in this case me.  I have to click on the photo(s) and profile of the guy and then try to figure out who he is, and what he’s all about.

This is where it gets really cute!  Many men seem to have a phobia about revealing any decent amount of information about them self.  So they may include their age, height and location and leave almost everything else blank!

It’s as if we women should write them based on that measly amount of information about them!  Or, better yet, somehow divine they are wonderful guys!

My criteria for the kind of man I would like to meet are really simple:

·        Photo should not look scary!  Believe me, some do!

·        Be 5’ 10” or taller.

·        Slender or normal weight (for the height).

·        Looks like he’s taken care of himself.  This means, not overweight.

·        Have a somewhat normal expression and/or smile.

·        Any guys making faces, or some “cutesy” look, is deleted immediately.

I’m on a roll now… it feels great to unload all this frustration… Thank You for hanging in there!

Now, to be fair, some guys do fill in info about themselves.  However it astounds me that any man would think that a woman would like to hear about his past unsuccessful relationships!

They’re so busy telling us what they don’t want in a woman, that they run out of room before then can tell us what they do like!  We are limited to the amount of “characters” we can type.

Oops, my computer just dinged… maybe Mr. Wonderful has found me on the dating site.  I’ll go have a look.

Yup, it was some new “Matches.”  There’s one photo of a guy taking a photo of himself, on his smartphone!  It’s fuzzy.

There’s a lovely photo of two palm trees, which has a teeny, tiny figure of a man sitting beside it, in the lower right hand corner.  It’s hard to gauge his height ‘cause the trees are so darn tall and he’s sitting!

Sunset 123RF 635357_s.jpg

One good thing:  I’ve finally figured out how to narrow the parameters of my search.  The person must be close to my postal code (about one hour driving time from my place, maximum).  I can also specify the height, age, ethnicity, religion, and some other stuff I can’t remember right now!  Having figured that out, I’m now actually looking at local guys, which means I can meet them for a coffee… and I don’t have to get on a plane and fly across the country to meet them.

Girl Flying 123RF 59582803_s.jpg

It is now officially “Rush Hour” and I just had a peak at the new crop of gentlemen.  Lo and behold, there’s one interesting (and nice looking) man about a one hour drive east from me.  And a second gentleman (nice looking) who has written an excellent profile… I laughed a lot, while reading it.  I love a guy with a sense of humour!

I started out by saying that I may not be cut out for online dating sites, but there’s no harm in writing both these gentlemen and see what they have to say!  :-)

P.S.  Just heard another “ding,” from my computer, and I swear to God, this is what a man wrote:   

“I've a task for you let see if you can WIN the prize.. Lol ... It takes a smart Lady to get this, Contact me directly FlashyGuy001 is my handle and to figure what network, you d'dd the first alphabet of this words in CAPs. Great .^ Men .^ At .^ Inspirational.^ Love. Let see if you win the prize by say Hi to me.” 

Lord, please give me the strength… to press the “DELETE” key ASAP!

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