Online Dating

Online Dating

Once you’ve experienced caviar it is quite difficult to switch to chopped liver.  

If any woman is feeling a bit down and wants a boost to her ego… join an online dating site!  You receive “flirts,” “like your photo,” “great profile,” and a notice every time someone views your page.   And, it can be really flattering when a man contacts you. 

Then the hard work begins.  I can’t remember working this hard, ever!  The first three days after I signed up I spent about four hours reading profiles, looking at photos and trying to make sense of everything.

Now that I’m a veteran (I’m on Day 6 of my membership) I’m starting to get an idea of how it works.  It’s all just a little bit strange. I can also see where it could get interesting and maybe even exciting.

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So far, I have corresponded with one man that looks and sounds appealing.  I really liked the look of the man, and enjoyed reading his profile, as well, looking at his photos. He is tall and slender, and has gorgeous white hair.  And, it looked like he had a twinkle in his eyes.

Therefore, I decided to write him and tell him what I thought about his appearance and what he had written.  He replied with, “Well, imagine how darn good it feels for an old white-haired guy to get such a nice note!  Thank you so much for that.”

He then wrote some other nice stuff… he was complimentary and made reference to things he liked that I had mentioned about myself, in my profile.  And then he wrote, “Outrageous old broads are always the most interesting.”  Well, that was certainly music to my ears. :-)

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I replied, and thought I should bring up, what could be a serious impediment to meeting the guy.  He lives 2,000 miles east of me!  And, then I waited for his next message.

He replied, “You do sound like a very interesting, fun, and funny person!”  Then he proceeded to say that (in his experience) long distance relationships don’t work too well… even if they’re only 100 miles apart.  The fact that we are 2,000 miles apart really makes it difficult to meet for a coffee!

Of course, I agree with him… all the while cursing under my breath.  I really wanted to run my fingers through his gorgeous white hair! :-)

I've received some lovely messages from men... I just had one this morning from a gentleman, and he lived close by... only about an hour's drive from me.  He is also handsome.  There was only one glitch... he is seven years younger than I am.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like the man to be my age, or a couple of years older... I don't know why, I just do. 

However, this has been a good experience for me.  There’s one part of me that would like to meet an interesting, attractive man, and see where it goes.

On the other hand, I ask myself, “What are you doing, girl?” at least a thousand times a day!

As well, I wonder what the heck Alex would think?  Silly question!  He wants me to be happy.  To which I say, “OK, I want to be happy too.  How about YOU find me the perfect man, give him my email address and phone number, and tell him to contact me.  He can say, “Alex sent me.”

OK, it seems that it’s fair to say, I have officially lost my mind!

P.S.  If there is anyone out there that has done the online dating thing and it worked out well, I’d sure love to hear about it.  I would also welcome any and all suggestions as to how I can keep my sanity while I’m looking at profiles of men and then contacting them.  So far, I haven't been motivated (for a variety of reasons) to suggest meeting any of the men that have contacted me.

That’s OK because I have decided that once you’ve experienced caviar (for 39 years!) it is quite difficult to switch to chopped liver. :-)

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