Meeting a Man

Meeting a Man

I’ve discovered that being a widow is hard work!  What I mean by that is I never know what my day will bring.  One day I’m feeling pretty good and the next, I’m not.  Having said that, I’ve noticed that I’m having many more good days, than bad ones lately. 

Also, I have the audacity to believe that there’s a man out there somewhere and he can’t wait to meet me!  Now, please, before you start thinking, “She seems to be focused and thinking that having a man in her life will make her happier!”

Truth be told, I do believe having a man in my life will make me happier!  Please note that I said, “happier.”  I could list all the reasons why I believe that, and it would be a long list.  The reason it would be a long list is because of my past experiences with men, especially with Alex.  We were each other’s best friend… with benefits. 😊  Plus, I enjoy flirting with a man, and being in the company of a man.  As well, I enjoy the company of woman.  I’ve added that, so no one thinks I don’t like women… I’d be lost without my female friends!

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I believe “audacity” is a useful character trait!  Also, believing that there is a man “out there” for me I decided to be pro-active.  Or, as guys would say, “have some skin in the game.” Back at the beginning of November I wrote that there were two local men that looked good and sounded interesting (on the online dating site), so I contacted both.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The guy in the east of me never wrote back… I’d like to think he doesn’t know what he’s missing! 😊  I had a feeling he didn’t write back because I got carried away when I wrote him… it ended up being more than two pages (when printed).  Upon reflection, and re-reading what I’d written… I wouldn’t have replied to me either!  I sounded like a woman who wasn’t operating with a full deck of cards.  I’m not going to elaborate on that here because I’d only embarrass myself.

The other guy (west of me) replied to me and sounded very interesting.  The only glitch was he lived an hour’s drive from me.  Which of course beats flying to Ontario… I know… what was I thinking!!

I decided that the one-hour drive was not a problem.  I really do believe, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  So, I replied to his email.  We then had numerous emails and phone calls back and forth, all of which were very entertaining, interesting and funny.  I hadn’t laughed that much in ages.  An aside – I think more men may want to consider using humour more often… I believe their interactions with women would be more fun and probably more fruitful! 😊

He had piqued my curiosity.  As well, he ticked all the boxes on my Check List of Necessary Qualities and Traits the Man Must Have (more about this in a future post).  Up until that moment I hadn’t really thought about what would happen next.  I was totally living in the moment. 

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The obvious next step was that we meet.  I suggested a place close to me, down by the water.  He could join Ty and I on a doggie walk.  My thought was… it’s a good idea to see how he interacts with dogs.  If he didn’t play well with dogs, he was history.

Turns out he is a dog lover.  Whew, that’s one hurdle overcome.  Now I could focus on who this man is.  After our walk he suggested lunch.  We went to a restaurant close to my home, that way if I didn’t like him all that much, I could leave, and I’d be home in under two minutes!

Our lunch was fun!  We had a great time, with lots of laughter.

So, Box #2 was checked off.  Box #1 had been the dog issue.  #2 was, does he have a sense of humour? He does, and in spades.  He is also quite bright, so our lunch was not only fun, it was also interesting. 

The question looming over me now, was “What happens next?”  The last time I dated a guy was over 40 years ago.  However, I must remember, that date turned out quite well, because we were together for 39 amazing years.  However, I am now 70 years old, it’s a different century, and everything has changed! I have the feeling I’m entering a whole new world, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it!  I had a ton of questions, starting with, how does a woman my age, having been married to the same man for 39 years, prepare herself to date a man she’s just met?   I decided to jump in with both feet and find out!  More in my next post, which will be soon. 😊

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