Finding the Perfect Man -- Part 2

Finding the Perfect Man -- Part 2

Back in February I wrote a post titled “Finding the Perfect Man.”  Now that I’ve met a new man, I was curious to see how many boxes I would check off on my “Finding the Perfect Man” list.  So here goes…

1.  He is 6 feet tall.

2. He has white hair.      

List RF12335790660_s.jpg

3. His age is in the range I specified.

4. His weight is in proportion to his height.

5. He is very physically fit.

6.  He is very intelligent.

7.  He has a friendly countenance and smiles and laughs easily.

8.  He had a career he thoroughly enjoyed.

9.  He is confident, kind, generous, has a great sense of humour and plays well with others.

10. He is very sexy, and he really is gorgeous!

11.  He lives less than 10 mins. from me.

12.  He likes dogs and Ty has adopted him.

The result, he checks all the boxes on my list!

Therefore, I think it’s safe for me to say, “I know what I like in a man, and more importantly, I realize when I’ve found a man that fits 99% of my criteria.”

In conclusion I would say that my criteria for finding the perfect man (for me) was spot on!

Every time I went on the dating site I had all the qualities I wanted in a man, burned into my consciousness.  And, if there were more than two items that he lacked (from my list) I moved onto the next guy on offer. 😊

I knew from our first date (which included the leaky toilet, see that he was a man I wanted to get to know.  It’s been six weeks now and I am thoroughly enjoying the time we spend together!

The interesting thing is that we have many different tastes, as well as likes and dislikes.  However, I don’t see that as an obstacle with this man.

So, as of this exact moment in time I feel as if I’m batting 1,000!      

Girl Baseball 123rf98149527_s.jpg

With my success and in all fairness, a bit of luck, I feel as if I’ve met one very interesting, fun loving man!  And, the icing on the cake is how he looks, and carries himself.  Altogether, he’s one hell of a package!   I know I’m repeating myself here, however, I feel fortunate to have met a man that I enjoy being with… whether it’s for keeps or not, only time will tell.  Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy myself as much as possible. 

I’d like to add one caveat here.  I’ve always had my list of qualities the man should possess.  However, since being single again, I’ve learned a few things.  One of THE very important things a man should have is:   A good character.  It may be difficult to quantify his character, but I highly suggest you do!  What I mean by “good character” is his overall outlook on life, his attitude to life and the people he meets, and does he make that special someone (you) in his life, feel truly special. 

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I believe the most important character trait is:  Does he make you feel special.  If he doesn’t, then, please find a man that does.  Some of you may remember that I forgot to follow my own advice on this last, very important character trait, and things went down hill rapidly.  If you think I might go off halfcocked, as I did last winter, please think again.  I’ve learned my lesson and learned it well.  I am paying attention.

Attention Ladies:  For those of you that are single and contemplating joining a dating site, I highly recommend you make your own list, and then stick to it, the best you can.  You may be surprised and delighted with who you meet.  I know I am. 😉

Dr. Alexander R. Lees

Dr. Alexander R. Lees

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