I am Definitely Not a Klingon!

I am Definitely Not a Klingon!

My life is looking brighter!  It’s amazing how an “attitude adjustment” can make all the difference in how one feels.

Now that I was feeling good (normal) again, I thought, “What can I do to have some fun?”  Just then my computer dinged, announcing new emails had arrived.  One of them was from the online dating site announcing the newest crop of available men.

With my new-found attitude adjustment, I quickly went through the list of men, first checking their photos and then reading the profiles of men I thought looked and sounded interesting.  The second or third one I looked at had quite a few redeeming qualities and looked good also.  Things were starting to look up!  Here’s what one gentleman wrote on his profile:

“I would like to meet a woman that ends up with us having a second date… fun and energetic… loves to be romantic and romanced… loves conversation… loves animals (I have three dogs) … loves boating… travelling and exploring life… laid back… happy.  Just want to enjoy life to its fullest, with an amazing woman who loves my family and friends and accepts me into her circle. 

Circle 123rf69810465_l.jpg

Must not be a Klingon (not in the Star Wars vernacular).  I respect your time and space and must have the same.  Must love humour.  I am a funny guy!  Preferably no sexual hang ups.”

I do believe that “attitude is everything.”  So, with my renewed attitude of, “Remember Berit, you are an Outrageous Old Broad,” I wrote the man.

“Hello!  I’m definitely not a Klingon! 😊  I’d be tickled pink to meet a funny guy!  I do believe life is for living, to the fullest, and not to be taken too seriously. 

Romantic 123rf51033000_s.jpg

As for the rest of your criteria, I am:  fun, energetic, romantic, love conversation, animals, boating, travelling and exploring life.  To sum up:  I am laid back… happy and an amazing woman! 😊

Cheers!  Berit

(that’s my first name and it’s Norwegian). 

Oops… I forgot to include… I do not have any sexual hang-ups!”

About two minutes later I received his reply.

“10,000 Swedes ran thru the weeds chased by one Norwegian!!

Hi Berit, I am still in Mexico where I live in the winter.  I will be driving back in a few weeks with my three dogs.  I like your style and response.  I would love to meet you for coffee or lunch to discuss what size yacht we are going to buy.” 😊

Yacht 123rf3636050_s.jpg

Cheers!  (and his name)

And, then, my reply to him.

Now, it pains me to realize that I overlooked one thing on your profile… you want to meet a woman that’s no older than 65.  I am 70… does that disqualify me?  I sure hope not!  I could tell you what an amazing woman I really am, and that being five years older than 65 doesn’t mean diddly-squat… so there! 😊 

However, you may not want to take me at my word, so you’re just going to have to meet me.  Then decide for yourself.  I think you can handle that, don’t you?”

I wrote about my gorgeous dog (in my profile on the dating site) and said, “When he looks at me, my heart melts.  Now, I’m looking forward to meeting you, and when you look at me, hopefully my heart melts.”

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Mexico, and while you’re at it… please think of me… waiting ever so patiently for you to get your ass back here!” 

Cheers! Berit

Grass 123rf37799141_s.jpg

His reply was short and sweet.  “I’ve always wanted to meet an amazing woman!”

So, now I’m looking forward to meeting him!  However, I’m not letting any grass grow under my feet.

I spent the morning checking out the recommendations from the dating site and there a few interesting gentlemen just waiting to hear from me!  I know this for a fact… or, maybe I’m just hallucinating.  😊 Either way, I’m having fun!   

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