Outrageous Old Broads Enjoy Flirting!

Outrageous Old Broads Enjoy Flirting!

Here’s a serious question for you… how many of you flirt?  I say it’s a “serious” question because I think flirting has gotten a bad rap.  I have no idea why and can only guess – maybe some people that flirt have mis-behaved, or not?

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In my opinion flirting is almost as necessary as breathing!  Also, flirting is fun.  Now, before any of you get your knickers in a twist, I do believe that humans (men and women) enjoy talking to each other, and if there’s a bit of harmless flirting going on, what, exactly, is wrong with that?!

Just to be clear, I am not talking about trying to pickup a man, especially if you are in a committed relationship.

What I am talking about is:  Talking with a man in such a way, that both of you feels good with the encounter you’re both experiencing.  Doing so boosts one’s health and vitality.  It also feeds one’s soul, in my opinion.  I know when I’ve met a man, flirted a bit, and then gone my merry way, my step is lighter, and I’ve got a smile on my face.  It was a pleasant and fun exchange and made both of us feel good.

Recently, I was walking Ty in the park that is two minutes from my house and we were just about ready to return to the car.  As we were walking up the dead-end street I felt a presence behind me.  It was a man coming towards us.  He wasn’t crowding me or doing anything suspicious or threatening.  So, I stopped.

The man started speaking to me about Ty and explained that he had seen us both a few days before and Ty looked a lot bigger and furrier.  This was true because Ty got his hair cut the day before.  He then started talking about the dogs he used to have.  As I was listening to him speak, I realized that he was rather attractive.  He was about 6 feet tall and on the lean side (he was wearing a track suite).  He had grey/white hair (there I go again about the damn hair!).  He also had a very attractive face, with a mischievous grin and a great smile.  Altogether he was a rather nice “package!” Hey, if men can make those kinds of remarks, so can I when I’m speaking about a man! 😊


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I heard about his occupation, his divorce, his travels, his businesses, more about his dogs and all the while, he has this great smile happening! 

I realized I was grinning from ear to ear also.  At one point I reached out and touched his arm… he was saying something about his life that sounded sad to me.  So, I touched his arm.  It’s an automatic reflex for me to touch someone, especially if they are sharing something that is a little painful.

He also played with Ty a bit.  He was utterly charming, and I was too!  Please remember:  I am an Outrageous Old Broad! 😊 

Then reality intruded.  I realized I was late meeting a friend, and I needed to get going.  So, to get his attention off me and onto the fact that I had to leave, I touched his arm again.  And reminded him that I needed to leave.  He looked like he’d come out of a trance, apologized, and said, “Of course.”

Then he introduced himself, shook my hand and said maybe we’d see each other again.  I literally forced myself (because he was so charming) to come back to reality and head toward the car.

I had just spent 30 minutes talking to an intelligent, funny and handsome man!  What a delightful encounter!  With a spring in my step, I hurried to meet my friend.

The experience cost me nothing.  However, the gift I received, was a pleasant exchange with a stranger.  We smiled, laughed and talked.  Both of us had a lighter step when we parted.

Some of you may remember my encounter with the handsome stranger in the park when you encounter one, wherever you are.  When you see a nice-looking man across a crowded room, or a good-looking man comes towards you… do you smile and figure out something to say that will stop the guy in his tracks?  Or, do you let him pass you by without a word?   You may want to take a moment to remind yourself that it’s OK to be just a little outrageous!  You’ll be glad you did!

 P.S.  I hope you all realize I am not talking about picking up a strange man!  That’s a No-No!  I don’t think I need to add anything else here.  Also, I would love to hear some success stories if you tried flirting… remember I think it feeds our souls. And, it beats chowing down on chocolates and ending up 10 lbs. heavier! 😊


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Next Time:  I’ll talk about how to navigate on online dating sites, so you can find a man to flirt with! 😊


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Please Note:  I’d like to add a few words of caution.  I’m not recommending that you stop and start talking to strangers, especially if you are alone. However, if the opportunity presents itself (where for lack of a better word) a “normal” looking person approaches you, you need to keep your wits about you.  Be aware of your surroundings (I happened to be standing in front of a friend’s house).  Also, be sure to note an “escape” route if one is required.  I also checked what I call my “Spidey Sense” which means I checked the guy out.  I did not get one feeling that said, “Beware” or “Watch Out.”  He seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. 

Plus, there was absolutely no negative reaction from Ty.  In fact, he sat down beside the man’s feet and then let himself be patted.  That will only happen if Ty feels OK about the person!


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