A Fun Moment of Being Outrageous

A Fun Moment of Being Outrageous

... this situation warrants a bit of outrageous behaviour!

In my April 17th post I mentioned how I met Alex, and I believe that moment was a good example of being just a bit outrageous.  Now, I’d like to share another fun moment of being outrageous that happened just the other day!

My hope and my aim in sharing some of these moments is it will trigger memories for you, when you’ve been outrageous.  In so doing, it may encourage you to have more of those moments.  Repetition is an excellent way of learning something.  And it also provides lovely memories!

My friend Layne and I went to look at a place for her to rent as she and her husband are divorcing after almost 40 years of marriage.  On the one hand this is a very sad time for her, and on the other hand, it’s also a bit exciting.

We looked at the place (it’s very nice) and the landlords are great people.  We were there for quite a while, chatting away, and had a lovely time.  Then it was time to leave, so we jumped into Layne’s car, and drove the two blocks to my place.

As we were nearing my house Layne said, “I’m dying for a smoke!”  I said, “Me too!  And, I’d love some wine.  But, we can’t do that at my place, because it’s strictly non smoking!”

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist because I smoke, here’s the situation.  I was a smoker for a number of years.  Then during the past year I decided to reduce the amount of cigarettes I smoke with the goal being to eventually quit altogether.  My timing wasn’t ideal because I was on such an emotional roller coaster (due to the death of my husband Alex).  However, as anyone who has ever smoked knows, it’s never a good time to quit!

I decided I needed a goal and picked the number 4 – which meant I would only have 4 cigarettes per day.   And, I could only smoke those on my four daily walks with my doggie, Ty.  Therefore I’m only polluting the outside air (I know that’s bad), but at least I’m not blowing smoke at other people.

My thinking is this:  During the past year, actually I should say especially during the past year, I have had to give up so many things, that the thought of giving up one more thing right now, would put me into a total tizzy.  I will do it, but just not right now.

So, back to Layne and I, in the car, parked outside my house.  I turned to Layne and said, “How about I pop in, get two glasses, some wine, and we go down to the park (which is a few blocks from my house).  We can sit in the car and smoke, and drink wine.”

Layne laughed and said, “But it’s illegal to have an open bottle of alcohol in a vehicle.”

I said, “Yes, BUT this situation (she knew I meant her having to find a new place to live, which also meant she was getting a divorce) warrants a bit of outrageous behavior!”

Layne wholeheartedly agreed!

We drove down to the park, parked the car, poured a small amount of wine into each glass, and each of us lit a cigarette.

In between sips of wine and dragging on the cigarette, Layne said, “Do you think what we’re doing right now, qualifies us to call ourselves Outrageous Old Broads?”

I replied with my rapier like wit, “You betcha!”

Then we both collapsed into fits of laughter.  It felt great!

We continued to smoke (fogging up the car) and sipping our wine.  We didn’t feel the least bit guilty about doing so!  In fact, in my mind’s eye, below is how I felt we looked.  I know that’s silly, but if you’re going to hallucinate, make it good! :-)

Two Ladies38186129_l (2).jpg

Having finished our cigarettes and bit of wine, Layne drove me home, very sedately.  It was a lovely moment in time, shared by two friends.

Do any of you have an example (you’d like to share) of being a bit outrageous… it doesn’t have to be something illegal.  It can be anything that was fun and made you feel good!


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