An Aura, a Bit of Mystique

An Aura, a Bit of Mystique

I believe that being a bit outrageous is as necessary as breathing.

I believe that being a bit outrageous is as necessary as breathing.  Also, in my opinion, it means having a certain attitude, behaving in an un-conventional way sometimes, and possessing a way of being that can be a lot of fun.

I’d like to share an experience I had many years ago that I feel is a good example of being just a little bit outrageous.  It was also a good experience for me, and just happened to change my life!

Let’s go back in time, many, many years ago, to when I was single and having a very good time.  I loved to dance and there was one nightclub that I particularly enjoyed going to.  One night, a girlfriend and I went to the club.  Judy was quite stunning – great figure, long blond hair, and a 1,000 watt smile.  She also happened to be married. 

Once we were inside the club, had found a table and got our drinks, we looked around.  I saw several people I knew, including a man named Dan.  Dan and I both loved to dance, and we had spent many fun times dancing the night away.  I waved at Dan.

Just as our drinks arrived, Dan was walking across the room, and alongside him was a really gorgeous guy.  They both stopped at our table, and Dan said Hello to me and then introduced his friend.  I introduced myself and Judy.

Now, I’d like to state one of my personal beliefs before I go any further.  Dating, going out with, or having a relationship with a married man, is not something I did then, or ever.  That was/is one of my “rules.”  If a man is married, or in a relationship, we can be friends, but that’s all… no fooling around allowed. 

After the introductions, Dan asked me to dance, and the gorgeous guy (his name was Alex) asked Judy.  The four of us moved onto the dance floor.

After dancing for a bit, I gave Dan a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “You know me – no married men.”  Dan laughed and said, “What are you up to?

Smiling mischievously, I maneuvered Dan so we were right beside Alex and Judy.  I tapped Judy on the shoulder and said, “Dan’s married, and so are you.  Therefore, you should dance with each other.”

Then I touched Alex’s hand and said, “You’re with me.”  He smiled, didn’t say a word, and whisked me away across the dance floor.

That night was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  We were married for 39 amazing years!

A few years after we had met, out of the blue, Alex asked me, “How did you know I wasn’t married or in a relationship?”  I just smiled and said, “I can tell.” 

I firmly believe that a woman should always have an aura, a bit of mystique about her.



My philosophy could be summed up this way:                   

Shake Your Booty!

Shake Your Booty!

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