New Beginnings

New Beginnings

  • It’s a New Year – Happy 2017!
  • I’ve moved to a new home!
  • This is the first post on my new blog!

Now, this moment in this time, is really the beginning of a new life for me!  Besides a new year, a new home, and a new blog, I’ll also be learning how to live a new life because I just marked the first anniversary of my husband’s death.  All this may sound like a lot to absorb, and to experience, and it is.  However, I now feel ready to engage in my new life.

I knew sometime in November that living somewhere else was a good idea, for me.  About a day after I realized that, I found a place to live, but that’s a story for another time… it’s a good story! 

Then, my gut told me that I would know that I’ll be alright if I could just get through Christmas, which I did.  In fact, it was a lovely day and I enjoyed myself.  Then the next big hurdle was the anniversary of Alex’s passing (Jan. 8th).  I sort of made it through the day, and then had a mini meltdown.

To add some more spice to my life, I got a cold.  It’s the first cold I’ve had in over ten years!  So, I not only felt very sad, lonely, and depressed, I could now add, I felt sick.  Way to go Berit!

And, finally, just to add a little excitement into this interesting mix of events, I was ready to launch my blog.  Have I mentioned that I know nothing, absolutely nothing, about blogs?!

I still haven’t unpacked everything… the second bedroom has been renamed the Storage Room and I figure one day I’ll get around to going through all the stuff and make a decision about what to do about all of it… just not right now because I have other stuff to do!  “Stuff” that is more fun. 

My number one priority is to get my blog going, so I’m embarking on a steep learning curve, which I think will be interesting.  Along the way I know that my having a blog will be fun!

Please join me in this exciting new journey I’m about to begin.  I look forward to hearing from women about how their lives are progressing, and about areas they may want to change, or enhance.

“They” say that with age, comes experience and wisdom.  I agree.  I’m one of the lucky ones because I had a great guy for a husband and we had an amazing life together (39 years).   Plus, I learned a great deal from him. 

Now, I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and some of my secrets, on how I did that with woman that would like to have a great (or greater) life.  For information on my background, please read Meet Berit – “My Story” and “Expertise.”

I genuinely look forward to hearing from you!

An Aura, a Bit of Mystique

An Aura, a Bit of Mystique