What I'd Like To Know...

What I'd Like To Know...

What I’d like to know… do other women become twits, or totally clueless, when they have a new man in their life?  The reason I ask is because my behavior since meeting PG has not been “normal... for me.”  Maybe I should clarify, "not normal, even for me."  I seem to have lost my ability to function like a well-organized and with-it female!

Now, you would think I knew what it was like to have a man in my life because I had one (Alex) for 39 years!  However, that was in a previous century, and it is a different world now.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 😊

I don’t really remember (the details) of what my life was like back in my 20s (when I was dating), but I do remember that I thought I was quite the “woman of the world.” 😊  Ah, the arrogance of youth!

Back to the present day… I am now feeling like I’m behaving or acting, like a clueless teenager!  And, the following is a perfect example of how I don’t know which end is up.

Last week, I woke up one day, had a brain storm of an idea and then proceeded to have an “interesting” day!  I had invited PG for dinner at my house.  This was a big event for me because I haven’t cooked a “proper” meal since Oct. 2015.  I remember the time because that was when Alex went into the hospital.

However, I now felt ready to rejoin the human race, and one way to do that was to prepare a nice meal for the new man in my life.  I went through my recipes and decided to make a big salad (the weather was perfect for that) and my Caesar salad dressing.

Recipe 123rf58550695_s.jpg

Checked my cupboards and fridge and realized I needed to buy some supplies.  So, I got dressed and brushed my hair.  Just as I was about to put the toothbrush into my mouth, I thought, “This doesn’t look right.”  Turns out I had put Voltaren (a topical gel for muscle aches and pains) onto my toothbrush!

Wash toothbrush and add toothpaste to brush!

Next, was put on deodorant.  I grabbed the tube of toothpaste and again thought, “This doesn’t look right!”  Stopped myself just before my armpits were lathered up with toothpaste!

Well, this was a great start to my day!

Next up, was a trip to the grocery store to get the supplies for dinner.  The shopping center was jam packed.  I could feel myself starting to grind my teeth as I drove around and round looking for a parking spot.

Once in the store I felt overwhelmed by all the choices available.  And, I couldn’t remember where the items I wanted were located.  I started to feel lightheaded… I swear that lettuce leaves were dancing in front of my eyes.  Decided it was all too much for me to handle and walked across the street to the much smaller veggie store.

There was so much wonderful stuff to choose from I had trouble deciding what I wanted.  I ended up buying about $20.00 worth of fresh fruit, nearly forgetting to buy lettuce!

Next stop was the liquor store.  Going in I only needed one bottle of wine.  Upon leaving the store I had six bottles!  I finally accepted that I was more than lightheaded… I definitely was not operating with a full deck of cards.

Wine Bottles 123rf39136675_s.jpg

I arrived home rather pleased with myself for surviving the shopping experience!  That’s when my lightheadedness came back, and I actually wondered where I was!  Told myself to stop being silly and make the Caesar salad dressing.

When I was finished, I took a little taste.  It was good… yeah!  Then the Little Voice in My Head said, "It doesn’t taste right."  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was amiss!  Looked up Caesar Salad Dressing in my files and the ingredients listed were nothing like what I’d just tasted.

It seems I had made my Alfredo Sauce (for pasta) and not my Caesar salad dressing.  OK, now I knew what was wrong, I started to relax.  I’ll just find some pasta in the cupboard.

Pasta 123rf75007998_s.jpg

Of course, there’s none to be found!  I decided to wait for PG to appear.  Once he was inside the door, I babbled like a crazy woman about pasta, Alfredo Sauce and Caesar salad dressing.

He finally figured out that I wanted to go to the store to get pasta.  He’s a clever man!  And, one of the things I like about him… he is very patient with me. 😊  We went to the store, got the pasta, came home and cooked the pasta, heated the sauce and sat down to eat.  Even if I say so myself, the meal was good!

So, I feel like I’ve crossed another hurdle!  The only improvement I need to make is to read the right recipe. Having said that, a lovely evening was had by all!

My 1st Ever Outrageous Act

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Dr. Alexander R. Lees

Dr. Alexander R. Lees