Moving On...

Moving On...

After much soul searching, lots of crying on my part, and several phone calls, the saga of TK and Berit has come to an end!  We not only have totally different communication styles, we also have a totally different view of the world.  When I was being optimistic, I thought we could work out our differences.  When I was totally down in the dumps I felt more like this:

I feel like water solves all problems.

Want to lose weight?  Drink water.

Clear face?   Drink water.

Upset with a person?   Drown them.

Therefore, it’s time for me to move on.  After reaching that conclusion I had the thought, “What’s next”?  The obvious choice is to join an online dating site… again.  This time I will do things a little differently.  I will pay close attention not only to what is being said, but also how it’s being said. 

Listen up all you single ladies… please pay close attention to what a man is saying, and almost more importantly, how he’s saying it!  It’s important to do that because you can glean an awful lot of information about who the man is (especially his character) and what the man is all about (his likes, dislikes, etc.).

If he’s gorgeous, ignore that if you can. 😊 And, if he’s got lots of money, ignore that fact too!  The really important thing in my opinion is:  How does he make you feel?  If he makes you feel frustrated, annoyed, misunderstood, not important, a bit of a nuisance, and thinks you don’t have a grasp on reality… you’re obviously not a good fit.  However, if he makes you feel cherished, attractive, and downright wonderful, and on top of that, he calls you a Goddess, then you just may be entering into a great new relationship.  😊

Goddess 123rf92213121_l.jpg

I came to the decision about TK, on my early morning walk with Ty today.  It’s a glorious day with brilliant sunshine.  Now, it’s time for me to put myself “out there,” again.  Seeing as how online dating sites are the way to go in today’s world, one of my girlfriends came over about an hour ago and took some new photos of me.  The ones I used the last time are now almost a year old.  I’ve changed a bit… and I’m a year older!  However, I have a great new jacket, and some wonderful boots, so I’m hoping my new photo will convey the fact that I can kick ass, if the guy gets out of line! 😊

Berit Apr 2018100_2728.JPG

To sum up… I need to remember what is really important to me, and that’s a man’s character, his view of the world and how he expresses himself.  If he also happens to be gorgeous, that will be the icing on the cake!

Next time I write a post I’ll either be full of good news about all the great guys on the dating site, or I’ll want to tear my hair out because there aren’t any great guys on the site!  Having said that, I’ll be happy if there’s only two or three that I would like to meet.  I have to start somewhere.  So now I’m off to register on a dating site, and once that’s done, I can sit back, relax, and wait until Mr. Wonderful magically appears on my computer screen!  

I think I’m going to have some fun… I’m an optimist! 😊

"Should Have"

"Should Have"

Sometimes Communicating with Your Partner Sucks!

Sometimes Communicating with Your Partner Sucks!